About WestinTrends

Based in California, WestinTrends' beginnings were driven by a brilliant history of design, quality and sustainable practices focused on high-end furniture with a touch of luxury styling. The goal of our founder was to ensure every piece of furniture was elegant, accessible, and responsibly crafted.

We’ve evolved into disruptors, making on the luxury gatekeeping by mixing style and accessibility with sustainability and values. We recognize furniture can be beautiful while minimizing ecological impact. Our dedication through the years has focused on creating luxurious style without the ridiculous price tags.

Anyone and everyone deserves high-quality, high-end furniture. WestinTrends is committed to making that experience a true and achievable reality.

Accessible & Exceptional Quality

High end furniture has gatekept styles for much too long. We take pride in breaking down pricing barriers while still providing the luxury and quality that the public deserves.

Product Value Recognition

Furniture has always been central to living space expression, therefore we have a responsibility to ensure that our product carries significant value for anyone interested in our pieces.

Sustainable & Purposeful Design

Our furniture is crafted with historical precision to create and sustain long-lasting pieces that fill a void in the furniture industry
while acting responsibly and sustainably.

Community Satisfaction

Our team takes meticulous steps to ensure our customers and our community get our full attention and support. Any issues, concerns or comments are addressed with full care and consideration.


Couldn't find what you were looking for? Have a great idea for a new style or trend? We value your feedback and want to hear from you! To let us know how we can improve your experience, or to ask a specific question about your order, find our contact information below.

909-638-1402 - cs@westintrends.com

Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST - Ontario, CA 91762

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